Alaskans Serving Alaskans

Let us do the heavy weather sailing for you!

We provide professional documentation services for commercial and pleasure vessels. Documentation for bank loans and charting courses through the strict US Coast Guard’s rules can be very time consuming and complicated. We will navigate the complex seas and confusing currents of the total documentation process so you may relax and enjoy smooth sailing with the assurance all is done right.

Our experienced staff specializes in marine documentation for all needs. We do initial documentation, transfers of ownership, preferred ship’s mortgages, amendments, lien claims, re-documentation, deletions, bills of sale, abstracts of title, hailing ports and name changes. We work with all lending institutions.

We also provide third-party agent services for documented vessels only, handling your transfer funds through our trust account to assure protection for all parties and a smooth, worry-free transaction assuring both the buyer and the seller a clean transfer with a clear title.